As yet another year comes to a close, I’m forced to take inventory of my year. My highs, my lows, my indifference all culminated to create what was sure to be my year.

I’m reviewing my previous resolutions and plans to pursue my purpose as I close this year and compare them to where I was last year. I’m still fat as fuck. I work for myself in my field of study… Doing something I hate. And I’ve still allowed my fear of failure to fuck me over.

On the bright side, I did start this blog… Which I’ve abandoned more than I’ve cultivated in an effort to resist the urge to put myself on display for mass consumption, while enviously watching my black girl inspiration break it down at the White House with the dopest president the world will ever know. I stare at snap shots of their magical moments. I’ve projected myself in pics, wondering where I’d be standing with them had I conjured up the courage to follow through with my writing decades ago to fulfill this destiny before me.

And once again, I’ve failed myself.


I started writing this piece on 12/19/16. I pushed save and never looked back at it. Reading it today brought forth feelings of familiarity. It resurfaced at a time when I needed to be reminded that I am exactly where I was in all the years before this, and I truly need to make the necessary changes going forward. But I’ve heard it all before. *Strong side-eye to myself*

What’s different this time?

In yet another attempt to jump had first into a new year, I’ve once again been drawn back to writing. It’s my first love–my baby y’all. Like a new mother’s attachment to her first born, I’m afraid to release my words into the world for fear of rejection by the opinions of the very people I claim not to care about. So I stand guarded, fearfully clutching what could be my destiny while fading into the background of my feelings of failures that have prompted me to put writing on pause — all while waiting on my ever-fleeting focus to revisit me and stay for a while.

I know I’m not the only one.

So, I did what I naturally do when I’m stagnant at the start of newest a quest for greatness — I went in search of mental motivation and found inspiration everywhere.  Below are 3 tips to help you conquer complacency.

Embrace Your Vision

If you don’t know what to accomplish, how will you know how to get it done?

Everyone has a vision they aspire to achieve. Most visions are poorly defined. It is important to have a clear vision so you can properly plan the appropriate path of accomplishment.

Brainstorm. It is important to just throw tons of ideas down on paper. Eliminate unrealistic expectations that cause anxiety, and focus on those ideas that evoke happy, creative emotions.

Create a vision board. It will provide visual stimulation and open your mind to the idea that these ideas are able to be accomplished.

Your vision isn’t for everyone. If you have a supportive tribe that will ride with you through it all, by all means, share it with them. If you get a hint of resistance, decipher if it’s constructive criticism or envy. Real friends may offer an alternative outlook that will allow you to open up and expand your ideas. Those envious friends will simply shoot you down without offering input to assist you along your journey, or throw subtle shade by way of ignoring any posts related to your goals.

There are plenty of Pinterest posts on creating a vision board, go mingle with the creative community and put that positive energy into the universe. Your board will remind you to do something to help you move closer to greatness.

Lightning May Strike You Before Motivation Does

Motivation is considered as this magical burst of energy that allows you to progress through your plans for the day. Simple routines are often put off because you’re not motivated to move on them.

Guess what? You can ride a unicorn until the dust falls off and you’ll still sit zombie scrolling social media staring at your idols living their best life while holding on to the belief that you’ll someday get up and get going on those dreams you have for your yours.

You will rarely get motivated to move, so you must move in order to motivate yourself. Small accomplishments often inspire us to continue feeling the rush of greatness that allows us to travel along the path to find our purpose. Focus on those smaller things to avoid being overwhelmed by your overall goal.

This leads me to my final point:

Healthy Habits Shorten the Distance Between You and Your Dreams

Whether or not you realize it, your daily routine is full of habits that adversely affect your ability to accomplish anything.

Create a routine that reminds you to focus on your goals. If you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, use an app to remind you to drink water at specific times throughout the day. Make healthier options visible, so you can make better choices. Instead of focusing on the brutal workout, focus on getting in the car. Once you’ve made that small step, you can make a larger impact.

If you’re like me and wanting to write more, create a writing schedule. If you’re going to write on Tuesday and Thursday, just do it! Write about anything if you have to, just get the ideas out of your head and watch how your work improves while your readership grows because of your consistent content curation.

Initially, you will miss moments, but if you remain true to your schedule you will definitely develop healthier habits to help you accomplish those goals.

Now comes the part where I have to take my own advice. With over 100 pounds to lose, a blog to revive that has been since abandoned, and a mountain of other goals to accomplish, I have my work cut out for me. Hopefully, you can jump in on this journey with me as together we strive for greatness.

Do you have any tips that helped you achieve some major goals? List them in the comments so our community can draw inspiration from each other. Have any friends who can benefit from this message? Share this blog post with them because it’s always easier to share support with your circle when everyone’s out here accomplishing something.

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