Whoa! I think I am! After years of excuses as to why I am unable to execute the perfect plan I’ve played out in my mind for various projects, I think I’m finally springing into action.

What’s the difference this time?

I think I was always in it for the wrong reasons—money was my motivation. This time around, it’s all about passion. My love for writing has carried me far and has yet to fail me; however, I’ve failed it a million times. So, here I am today, pursuing yet another idea that I’d like to see come into fruition. This time, it’s not about the money that could be generated from this idea—but the passion to put my ideas, experiences, and idiosyncrasies into the atmosphere for others to consume. Hopefully, I can inspire others to break the cycle of perpetual procrastination that often seemed to haunt me. Even if I have nothing but a few family and friends as readers, I grateful for the gift of writing, and it’s time to make my destiny manifest.

There aren’t many sites dedicated to queer women of color—as it is still taboo to be queer and Black in 2016. Acceptance would be wonderful, but honestly, it starts from within.

I encourage you, the readers, to come with me on this journey. I plan to share personal perspectives of my lesbian lifestyle and others with the hopes of helping someone else endure through the harshness and the hardships facing those members of the LGBTQ and pansexual communities. I also have a vision of connecting the creative collectives of the queer community as we collaborate to cultivate our culture from within.

With that said, welcome to The Urban Lesbian, it’s time to let our voices be heard.

4 thoughts on “Am I Really Blogging?!?”

    1. I can’t wait until you see what all we have in store! Thanks for commenting! Looking forward to our continued interactions!

      1. LOL. There’s so much more where this came from! I’m excited that you’ve lived through most of this journey with me!

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